​EM3 Adjusting Services has a team of experienced and trained auto adjusting professionals that has a keen eye for identifying mistakes on damage appraisals, misuse of parts, and other red flags that create a poor customer service experience.

EM3 Adjusting Services provides experienced professionals for review of material damage claims or estimates. ​Let the experts at EM3 Adjusting Service ensure that your guidelines are being followed. Our desk review team is experienced at working remotely with automotive repair facilities across the States of Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas to improve the accuracy of the estimates while ensuring that your commitment to customer satisfaction is also being maintained.


  • Daily & Cat Support
  • Desk & Field Adjusting
  • Accuracy Reviews
  • Scope & Photo Services
  • Auto Appraisals
  • Auto Claim Handling
  • Centralized Supplement Team
  • Desk Assist Appraisal